7  Background
Originally trained in engineering and architecture I have been an artist as
well as a landscape architecture designer for many years. My creative artistic
interests have always provided me the capability of expressing myself visually
in two dimensional graphics. Painting has provided me a way to rapidly
depict my thoughts and feelings in color and tonal range.

With this background I attempt to capture the interplay of architectural and
other man made spatial forms with in infinite variety of shapes provided by
nature. Most of m
y artwork evolves from traveling in Europe and the U. S.
Scenes are sketched on location where preliminary studies are made. Photos
of the site are also taken for reference. The sketches,studies and photos are
combined into a unique composition and completed into a final painting.
Most of the subjects used are old and new world scenes with some
architectural content. My style, although continuously evolving is considered
to be interpretive as well as representational.

I have been painting for 22 years. Hundreds of my paintings are in private
collections in the U.S and in Europe. In addition my work has been awarded
numerous prizes in art exhibits.

Ongoing art activities include:
Exhibiting at numerous professional art shows
Juried memberships at several art associations
Exhibiting at various civic and cultural venues
Art instructor for the city of Calabasas
Art instructor for the West Valley Community Center